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crash when dumping using Scylla_x64.dll GUI


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after unpacking armadillo.exe (x64) dumping with Scylla_x64.dll (latest version) will generate the following exception message:



---------------------------Exception! Please report it!---------------------------ExceptionCode C0000005ExceptionFlags 00000000NumberParameters 00000002ExceptionAddress VA 000007FEE9F38FA5ExceptionAddress RVA 000007FDAABE8FA5rax=0x0000000000000000, rbx=0x00000000091BFF40, rdx=0x0000000140000000, rcx=0x00000000091BFF78, rsi=0x0000000008D0E110, rdi=0x00000000091BFF40, rbp=0x0000000008D0DF30, rsp=0x0000000008D0DDD0, rip=0x000007FEE9F38FA5---------------------------OK   ---------------------------

Mr. eXoDia

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