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Problem with winsock.sendData on chinese operative systems VB6


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Hello, I have coded a software, and its working fine on latin and english operative systems, but it does not work godd on Chinese Windoxs XPI have a module, for strings, conversion etc etc....Code is:

st1 = HexToAsc("100404084A011004C8DC")Winsock2.SendData st1

in latin server / client app, I receive very same string I sent....


I use winsock.GetData but on chinese windows xp it does not

I receive this:

100404084A0110040000 (C8DC is now 0000)what could the problem be??


unicode related??





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yeh i'd point the finger at unicode or right to left stuff...

without seeing the actual code, its hard to say, but its a good place to start

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Thanks, there is not much to see in the code...


here it is....

Private Sub Command7_Click()
Winsock2.Connect End Sub
Private Sub XT_Click()
st1 = HexToAsc("100404084A011004C8DC")
Winsock2.SendData st1 Timer1.Enabled = True End Sub
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Dim daAr() As Byte
Dim daStrg As String Text3 = T1
If T1 >= 5 Then
MsgBox "Timeout", vbCritical, "Timeout"
Timer1.Enabled = False
T1 = 0 Exit Sub
End If If Winsock2.State = 7 And T1 >= 2 Then Winsock2.GetData daAr
daStrg = StrConv(daAr, vbUnicode)
Text1 = daStrg
Text2 = StringToHex(daStrg)
Text2 = Replace(Text2, " ", "")
Timer1.Enabled = False T1 = 0
End If
T1 = T1 + 1
End Sub

I connect, then send the data (data is converted to from hex to ascii by a function in module)


then I call to timer, it waits for 2 seconds, and then reads reply...


problem is sending data....


no matter about right to left, because if I invert string like this: st1 = HexToAsc("C8DC100404084A011004")


0000100404084A011004 is sent....




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problem solved...


I found how to enable compatibility under chinese windows, and now, it works perfect






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