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Hi folks


i want to change the drivername of the to strongOD plugin at runtime. i know i can change this in the olly.ini file, but i need to change it at runtime after the driver is created.


So in example i want to change the default drivername ("fengue0") to "testing" at runtime programmatically.


is there a way to do this?

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why you want to change the drivername in realtime?Also this should not be possible in realtime so then you need to unload and reload the driver.So I think the only thing you can do is to create a random drivername patch where in the StrongOD plugin each time will generated a random driver name.So here you could create any calc operation using date time for exsample and then use this new calculated name as drivername = dynamic now instead of any static name.



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indeed i want to calculate a random driver name in run time.



 then you need to unload and reload the driver.


so do you, or someone else, how to unload the strongod driver?

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Why do you want to calculate a random driver name? I mean, it would be possible, but you'd have to write a plugin for olly that loads before StrongOD to change the section name automatically.

Doing stuff like this is dangerous, because StrongOD itself doesn't know if it's loaded already so it will just overwrite the SSDT again, causing crashes when the previous StrongOD is unloaded.


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so i liike to unload the driver, change its name and load it again.

googling brought me by ntunloaddriver, but it seems a 32 bit driver can't be unload within a 64 bit os with this function.


so do you know a other way to unload the driver?

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so 32 bit drivers cant be loaded within a 64 bit os, but is it able to unload a 32 bit driver within a 64 bit os?

no. You dont have any 32bit drivers on 64bit os. This is not possible obviously.


Strongod will not work with win 7/xp/8 64bit

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