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what happened with my skin


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i just see my skin"winter upp" the post is there but when click download it return me to main page what a  is happening its not showing error or anything its just return to main page. :sad2:

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It seems to be working fine here...




What link are you using to try and access the page? I changed the configuration of the server a little last night, possibly this is an issue related to that and your browsers cache is what's causing the problem. I noticed a minor issue myself with Firefox, not quite like your symptom though...



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i can see post but cannot download skin return me to main page  not a browser is problem i just try with internet explorer also no access its not just me also souvik das cannot access his princ of persia skin its return to main page106.gif39.gif

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ted i still have problem. i tried downloading all the uploads but im getting error...

it may be bcoz of browser. i used

operamini and firefox both but problem remains same

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where you get that link its still returning to main page

link you posted is ok but in post link is not working its redirect to main page

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Sorry guys! Been messing around with the server configuration which may go some way to explain the problems and confusion. I have been trying to force https connections but it has not been working well with some of the older http links particularly those that have been generated and parsed by PHP (technically not real links so they don't resolve). I have left the board configured to accept both http and https and will let a natural transition occur over to https.


Exidous, the reason the file cannot be downloaded is because it does not exist on the server. I don't know what happened here, possibly it had something to do with me when I was changing things and it didn't upload properly. Please can you try attaching it again to your post and if it still does not work let me know and I'll investigate further. Apologies for the problem...



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I just saw you trying to upload it, the server is detecting it as being harmful. If you try to encrypt the archive and reupload it should work fine. If that fails please email me the attachment. Again apologies for the trouble...



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@Ted, No problem (Thank you for looking into it!)


Ill try your suggestion!


Edit: Huzzah! It worked fine (Rar + Password was good)

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Are you using http or https connections to view the site/pages? Also what are you trying to download? Everything seems to be working fine here now, possibly try closing and restarting your browser as there may be an issue with the cache after the numerous changes and reverts I made over the last couple of days.


What is the error message you are getting?



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Sorry, we couldn't find that

An internal error occurred. Please contact an administrator.

im using http.

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