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[Unpackme] WinLicense v2.2 x64


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Restoring the imports was possible, because there were only two (and I unpacked the other file). I couldn't do it when there were more virtualized imports...

Bypassing the debug detections was easy :) I just used TitanHide (+ 'dbh' command, which does basic PEB hiding).


Mr. eXoDia

EDIT: attached file


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Very nice! I didn't expect that.


And here is some max protection sample. Ultra anti-debug, will your TitanHide work? :showoff:


TIGER64 (Black)


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Hi Aguila :

thanks for unpack test file ,but I think it is not a big deal :sorry:   For the first unpack me.

2 steps to unpack it just :sweat:

here a tut on how to unpack by IDA 6.1



For me I solve the first one ,other file which need to work with hide debugger on x64 , I think I need more practice :smartass: .


I think Mr. eXoDia is rocker in x64 now :yes:

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Thanks for the tutorial ahmadmansoor.


Most people will not be able to do this, because they don't have OllyDbg and Olly Script ;-)

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