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Anybody want to check this file?


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Hello all..


i ran into this file "out there" and it looks sketchy...

anybody here want to check it out and see if its legit or a virus??


it says its a SKIDROW rar password unlocker..(yeah i know sounds sketchy as hell lol) supossedly written by there group..theres a pdf in the file that i opened that says something like that..



RAR Password Unlocker v4.3.146_by SKIDROW_updated 01-01-2014


if this post is bad please dump it teddy...not sure... but i figured id ask if anybody wants to check it out and see what the hell it is...if it was a rar password dycrypter it would be neat but if not it could also blow up somebodys computer..best somebody who knows what there doing check it than i..im not that brave...


cheers all

B :)

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forget it.



The "group" cant even decide whether they are called skidrow or reloaded.



"unlocking" usually refers removing the "locked" attribute from archives (not the password). There is no standalone unlocker for the new rar5 format yet. If you are looking for a patch that convinces winrar to ignore that flag, PM me.

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Run it through the basic stuff first before you decide if it's even worth reversing:

1) jotti malware scan

2) Anubis malware scan

And if any cool API are being used it could be worth the time to step through it

Unless of course its some malware that you don't want someone else to have on their servers (jotti,anubis,etc)

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