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On 8/12/2017 at 7:56 PM, mrexodia said:

If it takes too much time it means you are not ready to use TitanHide:




but i googled the issue for months tried everything then asked here.

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Overview:TitanHide is a driver intended to hide debuggers from certain processes.The driver hooks various Nt* kernel functions (using inline hooks at themoment) and modifies the return values of the o

Updated to V0013! Changelog: - MIT license - crappy win10 support - fixed some exploits kao found - hopefully now the .sys works on win7 (target = win7 instead of win8.1) Download: https://

I, After some talking with deepzero, I realized that the hooking model is completely unreliable. It is therefore not recommended to use this driver outside of a VM, because you eventually WILl get

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Hi! I'm beginner in using TitanHide, so i heed help. I understood how to compile and start the driver under Win7 SP1 and it seems that driver starts and works correctly. But I do not see any influence of the driver on my debugged software. I tryed to hide both main process of debugged software and x64dbg process but had no effect. I attach to program with x64dbg before control is transferred to entry point of DLL which is interested for me, and this DLL returns fail data if I set at least one breakpoint in it. I got the same result when I use ScillaHide, TitanHide and without of them. So I make conclusion that TitanHide does not hide the debugging process, particulary debugged DLL detects breakpoints or debug steps. What am I doing wrong? Shall I hide debugged process or x64dbg debugger with TitanHide? How can I test that my process is really hidden?

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Posted (edited)

Same, i just curious how to make sure that TitanHide really hide x64dbg / process.

Why debugged stop, when the target open?

Now its works! But sometimes, i got BSOD but nevermind, i love it.
I am not hide PID but it's run smoothly


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