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Disassembler Mechanized...

Teddy Rogers

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Disassembler Mechanized


We have practiced much disassembling by using assembly de-compilation tools such as Reflector, ILSpy, etc. Although such tools offer many advantages and are in widespread use among crackers, security professionals, and reverse engineers, nowadays they are commercialized or rarely available even for testing. This research paper is specially designed to learn how to make our own custom disassembler in order to diagnose assembly of both C# and IL code. It also integrates the making of code injection operability, which demonstrates implanting a malware or spyware into an existing executable or library file.

The creation of a custom disassembler using the .NET framework is, in fact, a challenging undertaking because .NET framework languages, such as C# and VB.net, have some limitations in implementing the tactics of source code extraction or converting the MSIL code to C# code. Eventually, we could not achieve the dreamed-of implementation by the .NET framework alone. We shall have to interoperate with other frameworks or import third-party APIs. Hence, we shall move forward beyond the .NET constraint boundary by combining or importing open source project code into C# code to make possible the development of this amazing reverse engineering tool. In the first part of this paper, we shall concentrate on user interface design, along with obtaining necessary information related to target assembly.


Disassembler Mechanized: Part 1 – Coding of Disassembler

Disassembler Mechanized: Part 2 – Generating C# and MSIL code



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Umm, there's nothing about "Coding of Disassembler" in there. It should be titled "Writing a wrapper around Mono.Cecil and ICSharp.Decompiler" :(

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