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Currently the PDF file included in TitanEngine isn't up to date, so the help needs updating. First I converted the PDF file to RTF with UniPDF and then we used word to convert it to DOCX.

Attached the current DOCX file. This topic will be updated once I started working on the help.


Mr. eXoDia

PS No copyright harm or whatever intended (ReversingLabs company name is included in the document).

TitanEngine - SDK.rar

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Hi again,


so could you re-convert it to a pdf file?So I think I have no DOCX tool or never heard about this format before.Also don't know which tool could handle this format etc.So for pdf I have a Foxit Reader tool.


By the way.So what do you think about to create a OllyDBG Argument file of all functions of Titan and your other projects [scllya etc] too?So this would be good for Olly users who working with that dlls and functions to see the parameters of any function quickly in stack = quick way to know what to do. :)



0007FFB0 004100B4 /CALL to scylla_searchIAT from 004100B2
0007FFB4 00000EB4 |PID = EB4 (3764.)
0007FFB8 00920000 |IATstart = 01000000
0007FFBC 00920004 |IATsize = 00009000
0007FFC0 01000000 |SearchStart = notepad.01000000
0007FFC4 00000000 \AdvancedSearch = FALSE

Something like this I mean. :)


PS: So I modded the IATstart / size manually so I don't know the parameter to show whats inside of 00920000 & 00920004.Do you know the parameter for this?I only have....INT,ADDR,BOOL,ASCII etc.



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This is the original PDF that came with Titan 2.0.3, where we started from: TitanEngine - SDK.pdf


As soon as we update the SDK reference with everything we changed so far, we will (hopefully) be adding pdfs to each TE binary release.


As for the OllyDBG idea: Sounds good! However never had to do deal with these kidna definitions. Only used MAP-files, but they only affect the CPU window, or also Stack View ? Any existing definition files you could link us ?

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Ah ok and thanks so far.Yes would be nice to create later also always a pfd update. :)


About the argument.So somebody did post in the past somewhere a common.arg file which get loaded by Olly itself if its into Olly folder.No idea whether Olly can also load other named .arg file so I did not checked this till now.


Just check out the file I did attached.At the top I wrote a scylla_searchIAT exsample for testing / stack but also I don't know all parameters [bOOL,INT,ADDR..etc] where to find a complete list what you can use etc so maybe you can find it somewhere.




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