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Detecting Armadillo packed PE?


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Are there any methods of detecting that a specific file was packed with armadillo?

Tried using PEiD but none of the scan levels detects it.

I also looked through it's sections and haven't found any suspicios section that give away any info that it was packed with it. (.text1, .data1 etc...)



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what is protection id?

and the tool looks grate but i'd like to do it programmatically

is there any documentation about how armadillo packed PE looks like?

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linker version in pe header is usually 'SR' (silicon realms)

and theres various strings and byte patterns, pdata000 and so on...

just compare some files

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you could check for MajorLinkerVersion / MinorLinkerVersion in PE Header. Arma writes 0x52/53 there which is ASCII for SR which is short for SiliconRealms, company behind Arma.


Besides that, every?! arma protected exe should have the arma sections text1,data1,pdata etc..


Those are simple checks. Deeper checks would require heuristics and/or debugging.

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Cool so i should point for the 'SR' at the LinkerVersion

but for the sections (.text1, .data1, .pdata etc) i'm not sure that's the only packer that uses those sections

what about asprotect?

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sections are a strong indicator. wouldnt rely on that tho as they can have any name or even none at all. use linker version + maybe debugging for pattern matching

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if 'SR' is in the header, you can be pretty sure it's arma... As for the sections, the second-last (or the last in DLL files without a .rsrc section) should contain a zlib signature... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9050260/what-does-a-zlib-header-look-like, this can however be modified...

This section with the zlib-pattern also has a certain format, you could check for that as well.

Don't bother section names, as there is an option called 'randomize section names', which simply renames the sections.

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Yeah i'v figured that section names check isn't that effective since there's an option to change it

but i believe that the Minor/MajorLinkerVersion is pretty absolute since no other packer or PE file have that signature.

btw i'm also trying to detect if a file is packed by themida

now i noticed that in every packing process it has a .rsrc and .idata sections and right after that 2 section with random names.

i also noticed that the entry point is somewhere beyond my module space address :scratch:what's going on with that? is it hide the EP somehow?

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