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Tuts4you - MainPage Download-Limits?


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Hi Ted,


short question.So you remember I have some performance download trouble only on this homepage etc.So today I wanna make some another tests to find or fix the possible reason why its always so slow for me and tried to download files from the main-page and see that there is any limit to download files or only to press download button without to download a file = count as download too.


1.) I used now a Internet Download Manager tool on the first time today and the download was working with a speed of 150 - 200 KB/s so today + this DLM tool was it already faster than before a few days where we did check this out there was only max 20-40 KB/s only for me and not for the others who had test it at the same time.


2.) After this test I wanted to test to download the file normaly without that DLM tool to see the download speed in normal modus and to check whether its the same or whether the tool did really download faster or not but then I only get some message...


You have been prevented from downloading this file; you have exceeded your download quota


...the whole time also if I wait some minutes or choose other files to download etc.Why?


So I do remember earlier it was only so that you had to wait a while after one or some few downloads and now the download is completely denied?Why?


I also did reboot my system and tried again but I still get this message above so I did not de-connect the internet = same IP is still in use so this should be the reason why I can't download anything from the main-page.


So the main question is what the reason is to log and check also IP addresses to prevent more downloads from the same location etc?So you know I have not much ideas about this internet stuff only use it but this added feature of "log & check IP" now is not very good so I think.So its maybe ok to prevent big traffic of downloads and to add some kind of time-limits to wait 30 seconds before a user can download a next file etc but this IP check thing is very bad [if its really a IP log / check etc].So sometimes I need to download many test UnpackMe files to test a new script etc and wanna download them from the main-page and now it will no more work etc you know what I mean.


Or is it so that you added a MB size download limit etc?Maybe you can explain it to know more about the log / limits etc of downloading files from the main-page.


PS: I also made a tracert www.tuts4you.com test and a friend who told me that there was no problem to see = strange problem. :(


Thank you


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i can say for internet download manager sometimes refuse to download files i found that if you hold:  shift,ctrl,alt  all three and click download that will force idm to download files  and will download files without problem.

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Teddy Rogers

I'm not sure why you chose IDM. I know you use Firefox so I recommend using DownThemAll!


Simultaneous downloads are blocked, only download one file at a time. There is also a limit on the number of files that can be downloaded in any one day...



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hhmmm,so the internet download manager does not really work good for me so its also not faster so in contrary its much slower than my other download manager which I used before!Also yesterday this new IDM tool makes trouble and set my CPU to 100 %!=?Anyway so I did un-install it again.


Ok I will test this DTA Add-on now but I don't think that this will help but I will try it.Today I have download one file from the board normaly with FF and the speed was only 23 KB/s so this is really not normal here.


Ah ok,and how much files per day or IP?So I also think that there is also a size MB counter right?


PS: I will send some feedback after testing the DTA add-on.



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