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Bitcoin vs. The NSA’s Quantum Computer...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Bitcoin vs. The NSA’s Quantum Computer


This turned out to be a really interesting read. Whether your into Bitcoin or not I recommend you take a look... :)


Yesterday we learned from new Snowden leaks that the NSA is working to build a quantum computer. The Washington Post broke the story with the rather sensationalist headline, NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption.


Naturally, this raised much concern among the new Bitcoiners on Reddit and Facebook. The reality, however, is there wasn’t much disclosed that people didn’t already know or expect. We’ve known that the NSA has openly sponsored quantum computing projects in the past. The fact that it has an in-house project called Penetrating Hard Targets is new, but not really unexpected. We learned this project has a $79.7 million budget, but quite frankly that isn’t that much. And as The Post notes, the documents don’t reveal how far along they are in their research and “It seems improbable that the NSA could be that far ahead of the open world without anybody knowing it.”


Nevertheless, this seems like a good time to discuss the implications of quantum computing with respect to the future of Bitcoin.





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The NSA is more interested in being the high tech perverted spy than any wonderful technical endeavors.  Hard for a bunch of get rich quick schemers to produce anything beyond the bare minimum to go out and use the security clearance to run little dirty crime schemes.  Corruption sets hard limits on technological advances.  They could throw a billion at it would not help them.  Unless all the people were changed to ones with integrity and free from defects of degenerates then they will remain stuck being able to make money sabotaging your home surveillance system for a crime outfit to harass you but nothing too imaginative beyond that.

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