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Do Antivirus Companies Whitelist NSA Malware?

Teddy Rogers

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Do Antivirus Companies Whitelist NSA Malware?


Microsoft, Symantec, and McAfee fail to respond to a transparency plea from leading privacy and security experts.


Dear antivirus vendors: Are you aiding and abetting National Security Agency (NSA) spying?





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One would assume that an organization with the resources of the NSA doesnt have to rely on cooperation of AV companies...

If need be, they can always get their hands on digital signatures - see stuxnet.

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Yea that's true

See StuxNet...

You and I DeepZero, are a hated collaboration... But more on topic;

"Hello I'm Agent *** and we're running an investigation"

--Agent shows badge and hands over govt directives

Corporation must comply....

That simple...If the corporation doesn't comply; Agent *** digs up dirt and asks again

PS: btw, if a piece of malware is "tagged" or "laced" it's part of an investigation and anyone involved is too

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If the company is based in the US, they have to whitelist. Just go with russian Av and they will detect if they are aware of it. But to be honest, when hackforums people are able to write FUD Crypters, why should the NSA habe problems with AV??

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There is a lot of undetectable malicious wares and unsafe commercial Software around .... maybe whitelisted, even if you report about it.

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