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[Crackme] x86obf CrackMe (Keygen) Contest...

Teddy Rogers

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This is not my crackme but it's genuine, see the link below...


I've rewritten the project from scratch in order to redesign the code because certain features I wanted to have were not taken in account while I was initially designing the whole concept.The new version supports basically unlimited number of virtual machines generated instead of just one, better stability, customizable code complexity, etc.There has been a lot of progress. I will not be making any official ETAs, but I do believe that this project will soon be ready for distribution.Therefore, in order to present the project to public, I've decided not only to show a sample binary, but also to organize a little contest.The sample binary is also a crackme, a keygen-me to be more specific. Whoever first sends me a working keygen will get one x86obf 12 month license for free when the sales start. You may patch the binary for reverse engineering purposes, but it can not be used as a solution. The only rule is that your keygen needs to be a standalone reconstruction of the username/key verification algorithm which is virtualized.If you manage to write a proper keygen, send it to x86obf@gmail.com






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didn't have too much time and not 100% sure on this, but thanks anyways : ) if u want to do keygen you can set break on axx bp's on the sections, then press f9 5 times I think to arrive at unobfuscated code, then for this challenge bp on RtlCriticalSection to get user/pass and from there a lot of tracing, but i don't think any anti-debug : )




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