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[Unpackme] Enigma Virtual Box v7.0 Build 20131111


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Who wants to try this challenge and write a guide on how to unpack it?76843.jpg


None of protection enabled free virtual box has none protections.

Unpackme is written in VB5

  • sha1sum Unpackme.exe
  • c54bf2135dfefcd597c739680a9b7efc64fd17d0  Unpackme.exe
  • sha1sum Unpackme_boxed.exe
  • 738d0189a89a2e6e43dadd9bfb1c1c0dafe71479  Unpackme_boxed.exe

Virustotal Unpackme.exe 0/48
Virustotal Unpackme_boxed.exe 8/48


Unpackme Enigma Virtual Box v7.0 Build 20131111.rar

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so there is not much to unpack. :) So I think what you have to do is to create any unpackme who used also extern files like some dlls etc and you have to boxed them all to one exe file you know.


To unpack your one unpacke exe is not the problem so just check the EP = 1130 = OEP which get reached after the TLS callback code.



Unpackme_boxed - Unpacked.rar

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