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Teddy Rogers

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As you have probably already seen I have started to move, rename and clean up some forums to keep them relevant or re-grouped some in to - what I think are - more relevant categories. Since this is your community I am open to suggestions and criticisms; maybe you would like to see a feature or forum added, removed, changed, etc. I may move or change a few more things around over the coming days so please let me know your thoughts!



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I try to read every new topic on the board - so, for me "new posts" icons on main page are important. But every so often I open subforum just to find out that only automated news feed has changed and I have to mark it as read again.

So, would it be possible to make changes to automated news feeds? Any of these options would be really appreciated:

* user-selectable option not to show automated news feeds on main page;

* making automated news feeds "read" automatically;

* moving them from "Reverse Engineering Articles" and "Malicious Software Research" subforums into separate subforum;

* publishing RSS feed of all new posts in the forum;

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You mean grouped in to something like this?




News Feeder is set to crawl for news feeds every x minutes and when something new is found posts it in one of the specified forums. Unfortunately if you marked all forums as read, for example, at 14:02 and News Feeder crawled for new news feeds at 14:05 and found a new news article posted at 14:00 it will set the date and time of the topic to match the date and time of the news feed. That will be why when you refresh the index page or view new topics at 14:10 you will find "old" topics marks as being unread from 14:00.


From my understanding this is just the default way the board software operates. However I can raise the concern with IPS and hope they can rectify or provide an option to set the date and time to that when it was posted directly on the forum?



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Thank you Ted!Just to clarify, I don't think the issue was in timestamps per-se. But that's not important anymore, as dedicated subforum works great. :)

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