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Unpacking Belkin Firmware


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Hello,I am trying to unpack a Belkin F5D8636-4.The first Thing I did after downloading the Firmware was letting Binwalk analyze the File. The result was 4 LZMA Partitions.Then I Analyzed the File Manually and I Figured out that each LZMA binwalk Found is Preceded by 12 Bytes. ( Except the First One, which was fount at Offset 0 of the Firmware)Although these 12 bytes are not the same for all the 4 LZMA Partitions, they are quite similar.The 12 Bytes for Three Partitions are in the Image Below.Screenshot_from_2013_11_21_21_00_44.pngNow, my first guess was that these numbers represent some kind of a Magic Number, but Google returned nothing of Value.Do any of you guys know what such Hex Digits may Mean? Also if anyone want to suggest different ways to tackle the Unpacking Process, please do not hesitate to share them with me :).PS: LZMA is being used, because of the fact that binwalk matched them with such archives. I used the DD Command to cut each partition binwalk found, but I did not manage to find any type of File System. Every Extracted LZMA contained a bunch of "garbage" and strings which some of them relate to low level Router Operation.Thank you,
Andrew Borg

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My guess just based on your screenshot:

1) size of packed (or unpacked) data

2) magic number 0x12345678

3) crc of packed (or unpacked) data

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