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ManagedDllInjector src C#


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ManagedDllInjectorKnown limitation:
The target process must a window!This program has two options:
1. Inject the current assembly itself on selected process
Inject button.
Look on the code InjectedClass.cs
and you will see the code that load an assembly:
        // Here load the assembly from string
        Assembly asm = Assembly.Load("SSA.Business.Input, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a58bfd68363575ef");
        if (asm==null)
        MessageBox.Show("Failed to load assembly!");
        MessageBox.Show("Loaded ok!");
You can add here asm = Assembly.Load("assemly string")
to load more assemblies.
2. ManagedStack explorer of the selected process,
shown with a MessageBox.
ManagedStack button.



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