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Magic_h2001 v2m player source


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Hey guys,


I just wanted to ask if somebody has the delphi source of magic´s v2 lib. Should be easier to translate .NET I think.


;) Translation help is ofc appreciated, too.

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Hi all.

I write my code in D2007 and can not use the .dcu files that distribute Magic_h2001.

I had to a little reverse original file by Magic_h2001. In attach source code.

So I only thing that made ​​it packed. dll and added decompress code (by Magic_h2001 it is kept as uncompressed .dll) this allowed to get smaller .dcu size of  ~25-30% :)


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Nice, but if I see it right you just embedded his lib as bytearray...

I am interested in this lib and it´s source code.


Nevertheless, thanks!

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