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NV2 - Play *.v2m files with .NET


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Hello guys,


I just wanted to post a example for my latest lib called NV2, that is able to play *.v2m files with .NET:




I thought it would be helpful for many people out there, as the interest in *.v2m modules is growing.


Examples are included, source code is actually given as a patch in the coding section on my website.


Some users might have to run it as admin, tune was made by me for my latest demo.


Ofc you can include the nv2.dll statically with ilmerge after compiling!! :)


Have fun, Feedback appreciated!

NV2 tutorial VB .NET.rar

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mudlord, on 26 Oct 2013 - 04:53 AM, said:

Would have been nicer to use the C++ port as a base to port the whole library to C#.


Ofc, but I am not familiar with C# and I had problems to translate the pointes with vb .net. Ofc, I´ll continue working on it when I have the time.

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