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[Keygenme] Keygenme 14

Go to solution Solved by SReg,

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One more fish to fry :)P.S:

As always, a keygen is the only accepted solution here, feel free to make a tut for others if you like.

Patching is NOT allowed, wanna patch something? look for a [patchme] or a [crackme] instead.

If you decide to code a keygen, try to keep your asm ripping techniques to a minimum if possible.


Enjoy :peace:


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Nice work guys, really, well done :1a:  And just in time too, I was about to start posting hints and/or some combos for this challenge to assist anyone still working on it.


Btw, a quick test for short names (less than 4 characters) seems to fail, might wanna check that part please :peace:

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"The length of Name must be more than 3" ?? Ok, if you say so  :prop:

p.s: A little feed back is NEVER a "бла-бла-бла"


~~ Update ~~


For future reference: Your bug is in implementing "KERNEL32.GetVolumeInformationA", it returns 0 for hwid when name < 4

You will find a condition set for that case In the keygenme itself, but you probably know this already :marinheiro:


And again, nice work guys :thumbs:

Edited by ChOoKi
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hi ChOoKi


ChOoKi Keygenme 14 keygen by SReg and DimitarSerg

in attach ;)

It seems that Ukraine have powerful keygenners.




I hope that your country will go to the good political way.

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