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Some tutorials and other information about reversing MAC OS Reversing


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i have noticed there are no real good information about how to get started with OSX reversing. i hope thats a little overview and will help any OSX reversing newbies. (im an OSX newbie myself)


a few mac crackmes




RCE for newbies on MAC




(here is the text file on pastebin posted: http://pastebin.com/vqJBfDcX )


part I was removed because it contains a commercial program - maybe i can find it somewhere.


Tools for OSX reversing


http://reverse.put.as/tools/ (the page is holding local copies of the non commercial tools)




gdbinit – enhanced gdb output

0xEd v1.0.7 – hex editor
(SHA1(0xED.tar.bz2)= f64466b2d3cbf7b6d64eccfc1a36f8c0a7e3866d)

HexFiend – another hex editor
(SHA1(HexFiend.dmg)= 690ac9f60ab85ec6430b3db0376d0d20d3cecd9a)

Synalize it v1.0.3 – hex editor with binary file analysis grammar (looks great!!!) – Original website
(SHA256(SynalyzeIt_1.0.3.1.zip)= ab71d0f2e573321946ec144e60594d4155961b42aeafb2f5b5080bf9961348d0)

OTX v0.16b – disassembler
(SHA1(otx.dmg)= ff4987b7f22da6b289ee2bc7daa7c1a3db64ffed)

offset1.3.pl.gz – my offset calculator for fat binaries
(SHA256(offset1.3.pl.gz)= 2b091f2ea5fddce3ca22251b8d81578ba708811d4a3d2fdce8ae0c8a7972f1b3)

ptool1.3.pl.gz – sort of replacement for otool to display mach-o binaries headers
(SHA256(ptool1.3.pl.gz)= 715481e62978c183ccd82311acb6ccced2d12cab76a0c9ffb0345d653bce37ba)

ocalc.c – ghalen’s offset calculator for fat binaries
(SHA1(ocalc.c)= e32da310af2a25a09fc2de9c4826b113ab8ac705)

onyx-the-black-cat.v0.3 – anti anti-debug kernel module
(SHA1(onyx-the-black-cat-v0-3.tgz)= 194c2e7481113b562c6e23a2b5059769bc9e8ffb)

onyx-the-black-cat-v0.4 – version for Snow Leopard (not 64bit compatible, yet!)
(SHA1(onyx-the-black-cat-v0.4.tgz)= 5dff3c4a9246f2886b470aa0ab60b5e237ca3659)

AlanQuatermain-appencryptor – encryptor/decryptor for Apple Encrypted Binaries
SHA1(AlanQuatermain-appencryptor-a3da7c5.tar.gz)= 3c7f70fed359b7e259f08d00001ead936baef041
(if the tools are out dated on that page - you can use google to find the current versions)

Some information Papers



for the Tools i forgot to add:


Hopper Dissambler (2.8.1) which is for Win/MacOS and Linux.

and it seems to be the best alternative on MacOS, if you cant offer IDA Pro.




Patcher on MacOS similar to dup on windows is the iPatcher 2.7.1

(took me a bit to find the last version! - just google it)


happy reversing.


Last Updated: 25. September 2013

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as alternative to OTX you can also use IDA Pro 6.1 and crossover it into MAC - youll be still able debug Mac apps.

for IDA google is your friend.

IDA isnt able to easy save a patched file, but you can use simply a Hex Editor like WinHex or something.

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Hello Artic. Thanks for your tutorials.

Im reading and download some tools. But I can't find that site at :



The binary version of OTX doesn't support 64bit binaries, so you should download the version from the

SVN repository. The information is available here: http://otx.osxninja.com/subinfo.html

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