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Communication and Computer engineer advise


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Anyone can advise what kind of job i can do with Communication and computer engineer?

Is it only related to programming?


Can I work in Industrial Oil and gas plant?


I am sorry if it is not the right forum to post this question, but I can see that all topic related to programming here.


Thank you

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Can I work in Industrial Oil and gas plant?


If you want to work in an industrial setting a good knowledge of PLC's, DCS' and SCADA systems will be a must. You should be able to program in their languages; structured text, ladder logic, function block, sequential function chart, Cicode, instruction list, etc. If you intend working in a field where safety is a concern then getting to know some of the common safety relays and how to setup and program them would be an advantage such as the most common ones from Allen Bradley and PILZ (PNOZ). You will also need to know and understand, at minimum, the common network protocols; Ethernet, Fieldbus, Modbus, Profibus, etc.


I would recommend getting a copy of Unity Pro from Schneider as I think its excellent for learning some of the common PLC languages. It is designed to work with Modicon PLC's but has a built in simulator so that you can setup, configure and program it without having to actually own the hardware. You can even setup operator pages to interact with "field" devices and control operation of a system you have designed - as you would on a live system...



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If you want to work in an industrial setting a good knowledge of PLC's, DCS' and SCADA systems will be a must. 


This is exactly what I am asking for with computer and Communication Engineer.

Cause previously, one friend of family said I must study Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer with a course of automation in order to work with Invensys or Scada system.

Unfortunately I cannot start with this major, as university accepted me only with CCE (computer and communication Engineer).


So, long story short, I can work for Scada or Invensys with CCE major?


Thank you Mr Ted for your reply,



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I wouldn't know specific employment requirements working directly for those companies, I would say it depends on the exact position/role they have available and what you apply for. If you were to study for an engineering degree you may be able to get a graduates program with them then you will get direct training and experience in the area of PLC's and SCADA.


Electrical and instrumentation knowledge will help you working in the field with control loop systems and such. It's not directly the right path if you want to work mainly with PLC's and SCADA systems but you will definitely get exposure to such - depending on what company you end up working for. I know of people who started out in the electrical/instrumentation field and followed the path of an engineering degree. The advantage of doing it this way is that you get the field experience and knowledge but its also a longer path to working with PLC's and SCADA full-time. Some companies will give you broad experience across multiple fields where as some have very strict defined roles...



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