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How does Kernel Detective "smart terminate" process work?


I found it very interesting and awesome to kill any stubborn process.


Is there any source for it?

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so I have a question about killing a process.So sometimes it happend that the exe called a faultrep and creates a drwtsn32.exe process and in some cases I can kill this process again from the processlist but in some other cases I can't kill them so that I have for exsample 5 times the drwtsn32.exe process in the list.So what is the reason why I can't sometimes remove these processes also not with the IceSword tool or others so then I can just re-start the system only to get them removed.


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Hi Deep and thanks for the info.

So I just need to delete the AeDebug key?Or is it also ok if I just set the Auto to 0 instead 1?

So I export the AeDebug key = Done

Now I delete this key = No using of Dr.Watson anymore right?

If I want to enable it again then I just execute the exportet Reg file right?So why then I need to enter drwtsn32 -i before?Not needed or?


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you can try that, but i it s best to follow the instructions exactly. And the instructions say to delete it.


I dont know what the -i thing is good for exactly. Just do it.

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