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how to call readfile in asm code?


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I want to create loader and need to change BytesToRead to 0 but how to call readfile in asm code

0012F130   0132A275  /CALL to ReadFile
0012F134   0000015C  |hFile = 0000015C (window)
0012F138   02724FF8  |Buffer = 02724FF8
0012F13C   000002F8  |BytesToRead = 2F8 (760.)
0012F140   0012F660  |pBytesRead = 0012F660
0012F144   00000000  \pOverlapped = NULL


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Like this:

PUSH 0                                ; pOverlapped
PUSH EAX                              ; pBytesRead
PUSH 0                                ; BytesToRead
LEA EAX, DWORD PTR SS:[BufferAddress] ; Buffer
PUSH EDI                              ; hFile
CALL DWORD PTR DS:[kernel32.ReadFile]
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yes like that thank you.

PUSH 0x0 ; /pOverlapped = NULL
LEA EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[0x12F660] ; |
PUSH EAX ; |pBytesRead
PUSH EAX ; |BytesToRead
MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[0x2724FF8] ; |
PUSH EAX ; |Buffer
MOV EAX,0x15C ; |15C
PUSH EAX ; |hFile
CALL kernel32.ReadFile ; \ReadFile
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