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[UnpackMe] Eazfuscator.NET v3.9 UnpackME


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Compiled with VS2010, Tried with de4dot 2.0.3 but failed.

If you success unpack, please make a tutorial :showoff:



Obfuscating assembly 'Eazfuscator.NET v3.9 UnpackME.exe'...
WARNING  EF-4008: EVALUATION VERSION LIMITATIONS: You are not allowed to distribute this assembly. The assembly will no longer work after 09/09/2013 09:20:06.


That appeared when obfuscate it because I use Evaluation version :punk:

Eazfuscator.NET v3.9 UnpackME.rar

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checked it,, thats not fully unpack bro :)





your file is fully unpack,, and need little touch with reflector to jmp the nag :punk:


can you share your method? :smartass:

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try this

de4dot filename.exe -p un --strtyp delegate --strtok 0600xxxx (MD Token for String Decrypter)

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