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Searching for the best source code protection


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I'm searching for the best .NET Packer or Obfuscator. Cuz now i haven't found great packer/obfuscator.

I'm asking you about protection. What can u say? What isthe best solution for us?

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Simply, there is no packer which can not be unpacked, no obsfuscator which can not be de-obsfuscated ;)

Only one thing they can do, give you some time, and take some time from reversers.

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Pack or obfuscate an executable files it's waste of time, you can use what you wish. Do you want an example: Buy a hasp-srm, rockey, hasp-hl...protector file, protect your file ok?, Sell to a random custumer, this custumer is a cracker(or a team interested in your software) and what him/her/they need to crack? Dump the data of the divice, and you will have your software cracked. Other information BLUE wrote above.

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Packer/Protectors aren't secure until you use them securely , i think its all depends on how to use it

for example...

protector X has some sdk and code marker to use in source code and check some points to protect by vm or some thing like it and you leave them alone and just protect your file with protector shell, so this is 60% of security

and if you use sdk and code markers you have better protection and this is 90% security

which way is better ? i think second one is so better ; so it's depends on your usage of protector

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Any Packer or Obfuscator can be cracked by any talented cracker !

And also , while using Packer or Obfuscator some antivirus may shows false positive !

So better to use some trickey coding!

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