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64 bit sections

Guest SkyHigh

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Guest SkyHigh

based upon the code from yesterday i want to make a new section to a 64 bit file in example notepad.exe windows 7 64 bit.

but for a reason the section is added but it cant execute the file. maybe you people does know why not?

bool AddSection(LPWSTR lpFileName, char* sectionName, LPBYTE lpSection, DWORD dwSectionSize)
// Read the original file
if (hOriginalFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
return false; DWORD dwFileSize = GetFileSize(hOriginalFile, NULL);
if (dwFileSize == INVALID_FILE_SIZE)
return false;
} LPBYTE lpBuffer = (LPBYTE)malloc(dwFileSize); DWORD dwNumberOfBytesRead = 0;
ReadFile(hOriginalFile, lpBuffer, dwFileSize, &dwNumberOfBytesRead, NULL); PIMAGE_DOS_HEADER pImageDosHeader = (PIMAGE_DOS_HEADER)lpBuffer;
if (pImageDosHeader->e_magic != IMAGE_DOS_SIGNATURE)
return false; PIMAGE_NT_HEADERS pImageNtHeaders = (PIMAGE_NT_HEADERS)(lpBuffer + pImageDosHeader->e_lfanew);
if (pImageNtHeaders->Signature != IMAGE_NT_SIGNATURE)
return false; PIMAGE_SECTION_HEADER pImageSectionHeader = IMAGE_FIRST_SECTION(pImageNtHeaders); // Verify if there is space for the new section header
if (pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SizeOfHeaders - (pImageDosHeader->e_lfanew + sizeof(DWORD) + sizeof(IMAGE_FILE_HEADER) + pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.SizeOfOptionalHeader + (pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.NumberOfSections*sizeof(IMAGE_SECTION_H EADER))) < 0)
return false;
} // Read the original fields of headers
DWORD originalSizeOfImage = pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SizeOfImage;
DWORD originalSizeOfHeaders = pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SizeOfHeaders;
WORD originalNumberOfSections = pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.NumberOfSections; // Create the new section
DWORD pointerToLastSection = 0;
DWORD sizeOfLastSection;
DWORD virtualAddressOfLastSection;
DWORD virtualSizeOfLastSection;
for(int i = 0; i != pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.NumberOfSections; ++i)
if (pointerToLastSection < pImageSectionHeader[i].PointerToRawData)
pointerToLastSection = pImageSectionHeader[i].PointerToRawData;
sizeOfLastSection = pImageSectionHeader[i].SizeOfRawData;
virtualAddressOfLastSection = pImageSectionHeader[i].VirtualAddress;
virtualSizeOfLastSection = pImageSectionHeader[i].Misc.VirtualSize;
IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER newImageSectionHeader;
newImageSectionHeader.Misc.PhysicalAddress = dwSectionSize;
newImageSectionHeader.Misc.VirtualSize = dwSectionSize;
CopyMemory(&newImageSectionHeader.Name, (void*)sectionName, sizeof(newImageSectionHeader.Name));
newImageSectionHeader.NumberOfLinenumbers = 0;
newImageSectionHeader.NumberOfRelocations = 0;
newImageSectionHeader.NumberOfLinenumbers = 0;
newImageSectionHeader.NumberOfRelocations = 0;
newImageSectionHeader.PointerToLinenumbers = 0;
newImageSectionHeader.PointerToRawData = CalcAlignedSize(pointerToLastSection + sizeOfLastSection, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.FileAlignment);
newImageSectionHeader.PointerToRelocations = 0;
newImageSectionHeader.SizeOfRawData = CalcAlignedSize(dwSectionSize, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.FileAlignment);
newImageSectionHeader.VirtualAddress = CalcAlignedSize(virtualAddressOfLastSection + virtualSizeOfLastSection, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SectionAlignment);
newImageSectionHeader.Characteristics = IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ; // Update the headers
pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SizeOfHeaders = CalcAlignedSize(pImageDosHeader->e_lfanew + sizeof(DWORD) + sizeof(IMAGE_FILE_HEADER) + pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.SizeOfOptionalHeader + (pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.NumberOfSections*sizeof(IMAGE_SECTION_H EADER)), pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.FileAlignment);
DWORD newSizeOfImage = pImageDosHeader->e_lfanew + sizeof(DWORD) + sizeof(IMAGE_FILE_HEADER) + pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.SizeOfOptionalHeader + (pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.NumberOfSections*sizeof(IMAGE_SECTION_H EADER));
for (int i = 0; i != originalNumberOfSections; ++i)
newSizeOfImage += CalcAlignedSize(pImageSectionHeader[i].Misc.VirtualSize, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SectionAlignment);
newSizeOfImage += CalcAlignedSize(newImageSectionHeader.Misc.Virtual Size, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SectionAlignment);
newSizeOfImage = CalcAlignedSize(newSizeOfImage, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SectionAlignment);
pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SizeOfImage = newSizeOfImage; pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.DataDirectory[IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_BOUND_IMPORT].Size = 0;
pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.DataDirectory[IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_BOUND_IMPORT].VirtualAddress = 0; // Create the updated file
HANDLE hUpdatedFile = CreateFile(L"updated.exe", GENERIC_WRITE, 0, NULL, CREATE_ALWAYS, NULL, NULL);
if (hUpdatedFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
return false;
} // Write the original headers
DWORD dwNumberOfBytesWritten;
WriteFile(hUpdatedFile, lpBuffer, originalSizeOfHeaders, &dwNumberOfBytesWritten, NULL); // Write the new section header
SetFilePointer(hUpdatedFile,pImageDosHeader->e_lfanew + sizeof(DWORD) + sizeof(IMAGE_FILE_HEADER) + pImageNtHeaders->FileHeader.SizeOfOptionalHeader + (originalNumberOfSections*sizeof(IMAGE_SECTION_HEA DER)), NULL, FILE_BEGIN);
WriteFile(hUpdatedFile, (LPVOID)&newImageSectionHeader, sizeof(IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER), &dwNumberOfBytesWritten, NULL); // Read the original sections
LPBYTE sectionsData = (LPBYTE)malloc(originalSizeOfImage - originalSizeOfHeaders);
SetFilePointer(hOriginalFile, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SizeOfHeaders, NULL, FILE_BEGIN);
ReadFile(hOriginalFile, sectionsData, originalSizeOfImage - originalSizeOfHeaders, &dwNumberOfBytesRead, NULL); // Write the original sections
SetFilePointer(hUpdatedFile, pImageNtHeaders->OptionalHeader.SizeOfHeaders, NULL, FILE_BEGIN);
WriteFile(hUpdatedFile, sectionsData, originalSizeOfImage - originalSizeOfHeaders, &dwNumberOfBytesWritten, NULL); free(sectionsData); // Write the new section
SetFilePointer(hUpdatedFile, newImageSectionHeader.PointerToRawData, NULL, FILE_BEGIN);
WriteFile(hUpdatedFile, lpSection, dwSectionSize, &dwNumberOfBytesWritten, NULL); CloseHandle(hUpdatedFile); free(lpBuffer);
CloseHandle(hOriginalFile); return true;

int main()
LPBYTE lpSection = (LPBYTE)"test"; // byte to add into new section
DWORD dwSectionSize = 4; AddSection(L"C:\\mspaint.exe", ".new", lpSection, dwSectionSize);

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I have read many Tutorials about add a section why add you a check to "Verify if there is space for the new section header".

Now have i look in Goppits code its same why must i add a check for enough room to add a New section?


Can any explain me this please.



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if it doesn't fit, you need to realign the whole file (because you need to expand the headers, and PointerToRawData must be adjusted). Not that difficult though.

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I understand it as:


Check is enough space  (Zero bytes) for the new section header




SizeOfHeaders is the size of all headers + section table. In short, this value is equal to the file size minus the combined size of all sections in the file.



If  not enough  Space must i add enough  Zero bytes to the end of File or?

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