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[keygenme] Simple VB.NET Keygenme Level 1


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How are you all?


I haven't been here a while.


I have made a simple keygenme.


There is 1 thing to do.


1. Make a keygen, level 1, I think.


Here is a AV scan link, no threats.



There can be serials fished, also some serials you wouldn't think off at first.


Have fun and good luck.


Keygenme in winrar, 15.2 KB:

Unrarred file size: 36.5 KB 


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i do not see what could be unpacked, as you are merely dropping a file to %tmp% and executing that.

THe obfuscation somehow went past me, too? :)Finally this becomes a typical .net copy+pase exercise.


Due to a ... wired serail algorithm, keygenning becomes trivial, allowing for keys such as:

name: 000000000000000serial: 00000000000000000
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Congratulations, you have a valid serial.


I wrote in the thread already that there are serial which don't correspondend with the algo!


The file dropped in the %temp% isn't the original file. This was more to make beginners think twice.


I actually asked a keygen, which I don't yet see. There is nothing weird in the algo, the key you provided is on purpose a valid one!



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the in %tmp% shows the form and handles verification.




    Public Function GenerateKeyFromName(name As String) As Object
        Dim text As String = name
        Dim str As String = [text].Substring(0, 5).Replace("a", "0").Replace("b", "1").Replace("c", "2").Replace("d", "3").Replace("e", "4").Replace("i", "5").Replace("f", "6").Replace("g", "7").Replace("i", "8").Replace("j", "9").Replace("k", "1").Replace("u", "2").Replace("x", "3").Replace("z", "4").Replace("q", "5").Replace("y", "6").Replace("o", "7").Replace("v", "8")
        Dim str5 As String = [text].Substring(5, 5).Replace("e", "0").Replace("u", "1").Replace("z", "2").Replace("p", "3").Replace("w", "4").Replace("a", "5").Replace("q", "6").Replace("d", "7").Replace("i", "8").Replace("e", "9").Replace("u", "1").Replace("r", "2").Replace("p", "3").Replace("w", "4").Replace("a", "5").Replace("n", "6").Replace("d", "7").Replace("i", "8")
        Dim str2 As String = [text].Substring(10, 5).Replace("z", "0").Replace("a", "l").Replace("u", "2").Replace("v", "3").Replace("b", "4").Replace("d", "5").Replace("p", "6").Replace("y", "7").Replace("l", "8").Replace("e", "9").Replace("u", "l").Replace("k", "2").Replace("w", "3").Replace("j", "4").Replace("o", "5").Replace("n", "6").Replace("x", "7").Replace("t", "9")
        Return Strings.StrReverse((str & str5 & str2))
    End Function


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Yes. Congrats!


This is the "algo"!


Certain "letter" Replacements and "numbers aren't replaced, therefore your serial is a valid one. Including a StrReverse.


Where did you load the keygenme in: Simply Assembly Explorer?


Cool   :penguin:,  you solved my first "simple" keygenme.


Have a good evening.


P.s. a keygen possible?

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Where did you load the keygenme in: Simply Assembly Explorer?





P.s. a keygen possible?


i supplied one above, i think everyone interested can coompile it for themselves. :)

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Yes, the algo is really simple and not obfuscated.


Thanks for your time.




Since the keygenme's protection can be solved by going to the temp folder I upload the non packed/protected file right now so all others don't have to search. 


Also in winrar.


Hope to see more people solve this now, with a keygen, especially for beginners.


Good luck.

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Teddy Rogers

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Hello GIV, 


I just tested my name filled till 15 chars length and the serial provided from your keygen is working for me, Congrats!


I hope you had a good time solving the keygenme.


Best regards,



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There are in total appr. 21 downloads, yes I expected more keygens, but deepzero posted indeed the whole algo!


Maybe a few other members can learn a bit into keygenning also and that's a price on itself then.


Would you be intersted in another keygenme, I have an idea for a second one?

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