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[Unpack me] .net engima


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hello test t and answer :-p


unapck just .net :-p coded app :-p




have 2 version unpcked 2 file :-p  



and write your soluton how unpack this :-p


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:-p yes


i will try to mde nice pack :-p



thasnk for your unpck :-p possble wrte way unpack :-p

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The Trooper

Protectors for NET assembly it's waste of time, GIV post a TUT in this forum for this protector, The obfuscator Confuser you deobfuscate in a few minutes, If you want be a reverser you need first try by yourself, Try first, Second request help if you don't get any positive result, sorry for this, but I don't know any other way to learn how to reverse any app.

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