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Incorrect file hosted for AnalyzeThis! 0.1 Olly ver 1.x


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Seems the file hosted on the front page download section is the incorrect version of AnalyzeThis!  0.1   The file available for DL is identical to the file hosted for Immunity debugger plugins.  There are two DLLs contained in the archive but both are looking for Immunity Debugger imports/exports. 



ref post: hxxp://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/31981-about-lenas-tutorial/



Original 0.1 version posted by author



Regards - jack









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Teddy Rogers

You are correct, for whatever reason it has been retrieving the wrong file hosted on the server. It should be all good now...




Thanks for the information and for letting me know.


You don't need to mask your links at this board... :)



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Yeah sometimes I have a problem posting links within the board.  When I post direct links the editor will cut off rest of the text in the message.  Everything after the first link is gone upon submit.  It's only happened a few times but the only way I can resolve it is to unlink the http ref and then use masking...  When it happens, I go back in to edit the post and all the text is there and the links are valid.  Only after submitting the post the problem happens.  Thinking a white space is being pasted when I copy the link.  When I unlink the ref there is an underscore at the end of the url address. ???  Maybe it's messing with the auto conversion of the link.  Since it's only happened a few times I haven't bothered to look into it further.  Next time it happens I'll check it in html editor. - jack       

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