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[unpackme] UnpackMe VMprotect Ultimate v2.12.3

Asian Dragon

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unpacked using a script by lcf-at

0040124D 0BC0 OR EAX,EAX
0040124F 75 16 JNZ SHORT crackme_.00401267
00401251 6A 00 PUSH 0x0
00401253 68 7E304000 PUSH crackme_.0040307E ; ASCII "Correct!"
00401258 68 5E304000 PUSH crackme_.0040305E ; ASCII "You entered the right password!"
0040125D FF75 08 PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+0x8]
00401260 E8 8D000000 CALL crackme_.004012F2
00401265 EB 21 JMP SHORT crackme_.00401288
00401267 6A 00 PUSH 0x0
00401269 68 87304000 PUSH crackme_.00403087 ; ASCII "Nope!"
0040126E 68 8D304000 PUSH crackme_.0040308D ; ASCII "Maybe, you should try again, it's sooo easy!!"
00401273 FF75 08 PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+0x8]
00401276 E8 77000000 CALL crackme_.004012F2
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OEP rebuild like?



Look at the stack when you reach oep. Mostly the first value there is the code the rebuild oep.

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Teddy Rogers

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Do you get high mate?

Why the password is



0040122C 6A 1E PUSH 0x1E

0040122E 68 37304000 PUSH crackme_.00403037

00401233 FF35 04314000 PUSH DWORD PTR DS:[0x403104]

00401239 E8 A2000000 CALL crackme_.004012E0

0040123E 68 55304000 PUSH crackme_.00403055 ; ASCII "cannabis"

00401243 68 37304000 PUSH crackme_.00403037

00401248 E8 E7000000 CALL crackme_.00401334

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rebuild OEP

Push 0 // Handle for GMHA API | 0 used for target itself
CALL 00D70072 // Here my call to jmp dword [ADDR] ; GetModuleHandleA
jmp 00489A47 // Jump back to return value after API

P.S. thanks LCF-AT


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