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Learning to Program the Win32 API for better Hacking Skills


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Hi I was wondering if learning to use the Win32 API from the book Programming Windows 5th eidtion by Charles Petzold would help me become a better hacker. I want to get up to speed with the windows internals and see if I can use them to highjack the system. Start a botnet or Let loose RATs. I bought the 5th edition of the book recently. But people are saying that not all the API functions work in Windows 8. Did I even make the right choice here? I mean learning the Win32 API?


Look I won't bullshit you guys, I'm no "hacker". But Summers are starting and I'm tired of doing nothing in my life and I finally want to use the time on my hands to become what I have always wanted to be since childhood. Some people are saying that the 6th edition was a better choice to learn windows programming but if .NET is an abstraction on top of the Win32 API then it's just a joke right? It can't possibly help you if you want to become a better hacker am I right? And another thing not all the API functions work I have heard, is that true? would it be too big of a loss for me? Did I make the right choice by selecting the 5th edition?


Any comment would be a great help thank you.

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learning windows api in combination with reverse engineering is useful imo. Windows API is very powerful and you could indeed control the system with it if you like...


I would say, read this book and then try to open programs (that use winapi) in ollydbg to see if you can understand their behaviour. otherwise you could also check code from others to see what you understand about it.



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