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Try this UnpackMe


IAT repair and check file intergrity I feel very difficult




Click Provisional_20110820_153307.exe to install temporary authorization, the authorization for 90 days.

Then you can open the vcmfc_se_hasp.exe, debugging.




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@ zeger

Your unpackme try to access the internet and does exit after.It does not start normaly.

006F6E15  MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[6F70B8]006F6E1B  LEA ESI,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]006F6E1D  JMP SHORT 006F6E1E               ; UnpackMe.006F6E1E006F6E1F  INT1006F6E20  PUSH 6F712C                      ; ASCII "Error during initialize: "006F6E25  SHL EAX,20                       ; Shift constant out of range 1..31006F6E28  PUSH 6F7148                      ; ASCII "RT_Init"006F6E2D  PUSH 6F7150                      ; ASCII "StupLod"006F6E32  CALL 006F687F                    ; UnpackMe.006F687F0012FFAC   006F664C  /CALL to ExitProcess from UnpackMe.006F66460012FFB0   00000005  \ExitCode = 5
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vcmfc_se_hasp.exe wouldn't run on my machine. Could only run provisional.


Didn't unpack this but was able to patch update routine. Noticed hasp protocol parts and other routines of interest in nearby code also.





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