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[unpackme] UnPackMe Obsidium DEMO


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Teddy Rogers

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here my unpacked file.Just test and tell.So I see just some little changes but not much about the stuff which you have enabled [iAT only].Its also just a little more obfuscated [lots of jumps] etc.


level: 2 of 10


PS: Disable DRx / restart & run



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Well, I wrote a demo version that is packed to the max



PS: Disable DRx / restart & rungreetz

can be more? what plugins to use? with what options, etc.



add: As always very good, but I want to hear the details or video on manual unpacking.

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Just check the main page and search for it to find some tutorials.

Plugins as always so just disable DRx and work with soft BPs.Remember that also CRC checkings are used.

So you know that you only need to fix the IAT and there you can use 2 methods.Prevent writing the redirection or get IAT after you did stop at OEP.The second way is more simple and easy to handle so you only need to catch the place where it read the dll exports.Find the right code part [use mem bp / olly trace etc] and then check it and you find quickly the place where you see all APIs in register which you then can move into your IAT locations.

Hint: If you found the right place then set also a BP at the end of the routine and if you break at the end and not at the place where it got the API then it means that your IAT ADDR [ADDR | >>IAT ADDR<<] is no API = 00 DWORD and then fill it with a 00 DWORD and as next comes the next module block.So for this you can write a very simple script.



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