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[UnPackMe] [.NET] Net Reactor 4.5, Safengine 2.9, VMProtect 2.12.3


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This Kind Of Combination is not effective at all.






Just Use: NetUnpack & De4Dot -> File Unpacked.





Kind Regards




unzip the current file in de4dot, lol xD






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Its Not a constant law, we cant say: always its good or its bad, its depends on the :


Target File : (DotNet Or Native?)

Protectors : (Which Protectors Used?)

Implemention : (Sequence Of Protecting, Protection Option and etc)



But in DotNet Stuff, most of times Native Protector couldnt do anything, and just first protector (Here DotNet Reactor) is important...

next level protectors (Here Safengine & VMP) just play role of a wrapper for .Net Reactors Stub...

this implemention is just (a bit) effective when , Reverser want to debug .Net Target in Native Debugger! like ollydbg




Kind Regards

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