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need help, Alpha blend / opacity bitmap [Delphi]


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@ Kao or someone who can help me,
what I want is:
1. reunite the R, G, B in a Bitmap as the original image, Layer 1: Green + Blue = Cyan / Aqua, Layer 2: Red,
2. set Opacity / Alphablend & transparent layer on the bitmap, more than 1 Layer on Bitmap,- I get the source code and additional components but I try to apply the bitmap does not fit what I want: (.
Adobe Photo Shop can indeed Constructing Anaglyph with only 1-2 minutes of time, but I want to know how the processing / RGB split a bunch of Delphi.NB: This is not for anything that smells of money / assignments.
Thx B4. and I will not forget to include your name in the column About on this application.




ZNA Projekt.zip

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To X-88: Good that you made it but it would be nice if you tell us how you fixed it so everybody can learn from it.

in order to consolidate in one bitmap, to draw a bitmap on Timage I use way:

Red & Cyan basis of color

for layer 1, Image1.Canvas.Pixels [Width, Height]: = RGB (255, 0, 0) & Layer 2: (0, 255, 255), which I wore for separating layer.

then integrate them back.

Layer 1 = Image1.canvas.draw (0, 0, Bitmap);

Image1.canvas.draw Layer 2 = (0, 0, Bitmap);

This way we can swap from layer 1 to layer 2.

to alpha blend

yesterday, I tried it but can not run, and then I was able to try again :)

take from this : http://www.swissdelphicenter.ch/en/showcode.php?id=2029

I would try a more simple way, without it.

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- Not Supports Drag & Drop
- Loading High Resolution Picture / Big extremely long
- High Resolution Image while processing / Large Memory Takes Up More Than 20K
- Not able to offset part of the Crop
- Not to Support 3D LCD [L, R - L, R]
- Not Supporting Interleave LC Shutter [L, R - L, R]



ZN Anaglyph v.

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