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How to locate key&mouse events handler functions in olly?


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Actually I am doing with an old game. What I am trying to do is to locate the key & mouse event shandling routines. For example, I want to find the complete routine when 'F1' key is pressed. I tried to trace but seems there are many functions in loop and I don't know where to set BP.


Are idea or advices?

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If the key is being handled via GetAsyncKeyState, you could set a breakpoint on that then look at the stack to find the calling function.


If the key is being handled from RegisterHotKey, you could search for:

 - GetMessage

 - PeekMessage

 - CallWindowProc

 - DefWindowProc


And locate the WM_HOTKEY switch (if it exists.)


If the key is being handled by WM_CHAR or WM_KEYDOWN etc. you can do the same as above and look for those cases in the switch if they exist.

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