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[UnPackMe] Safengine + RLPack + Enigma


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hmmmm nice unpackme mix. :)

Ok here my unpacked files.

So I also added a SP 0 support so I saw the file does not run under XP without SP.

GetSystemTimes functionWindows Vista, Windows XP with SP1 [desktop apps only]
So if you use XP SP0 then you can use my second file.I also added the key which you need to enter to get the successfully message.



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отжиг =)




это и я сам в 3 клика могу сделать, а вот распаковать например не каждый может.

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006C53C7 BA 14546C00 MOV EDX,UnpackMe.006C5414 ; UNICODE "DRHU9U21GL"

006C53CC E8 474DD4FF CALL <UnpackMe.System.@UStrEqual>

006C53D1 75 13 JNZ SHORT UnpackMe.006C53E6

006C53D3 6A 00 PUSH 0x0

006C53D5 68 2C546C00 PUSH UnpackMe.006C542C ; UNICODE "Yeah"

006C53DA 68 38546C00 PUSH UnpackMe.006C5438 ; UNICODE "Success Full!"

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not so difficult. one problem run it in olly :) if u can run it - you can unpack.

phantOm settings and rename ollydbg directory and exe.



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в принципе я там просто проверку на процесс ollydbg.exe поставил, можно было поставить еще вот так




тогда бы может быть и сложно было.

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@ jin77un

Whats wrong?If you have any problem to unpack some xy protection etc then you know the board rules.So what I don't like is if user do cover up normal targets under the name UnpackMe you know.If you have any unpackme created by yourself or others etc then post it into the unpackme section or if you need some unpack help then collect all infos which you already have [some details etc] and make a new post etc.So I don't see any problem to choose this way's.Only posting a link + protection name is also not enough and ok so nobody know what you want now exactly so don't save the letters and use your keyboard. :) Remeber,if you send more [detailed] input then the chance is higher to get more output.Low input = low output is't clear right.


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