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[CrackMe] .NET Klinzter v1.4

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Perhaps you could spend some time reading this forum and learning basics before making your next attempt? This is not even a 5-minute challenge.


3 bytes changed. Used tools: ILSpy and HIEW (but any good .NET decompiler and hex editor will do). Most people would use de4dot, Reflector and Reflexil - but that would modify the entire executable. :)


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kao, thats exactly what I was looking for.. I way to crack it without modifying the entire exe file..

now my question to you since the file is obfuscated how did you manage to find the location to patch..

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Obfuscation is just a minor slowdown if you know what you're looking for. ;)


Start with your crackme without obfuscation. Learn to find the important comparison and patch it using Reflexil - there are plenty of tutorials about that.

Then learn to make the same patch using hex editor - there are tutorials about that as well.

And after that - try to do the same with your obfuscated crackme. You'll see that it's just slightly harder because function names and strings are gone..

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Here's mine patched. Tools used:

 - de4dot (Removal of SmartAssembly)

 - Greywolf (IL editor to remove various IL from the button click method to force always registered.)


Original function was:

private void method_0(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (Operators.CompareString(this.vmethod_4().Text, "6594682899080", false) == 0)
            this.vmethod_2().Text = "Registered!";
            this.vmethod_2().Text = "Not Registered!";
    catch (Exception expr_3D)
        Exception ex = expr_3D;
        Debug.Print("cmdStart_Click: " + ex.Message);


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@Death: your patch will work incorrectly, if correct serial will be entered.


EDIT: Nevermind, I'm wrong. Nice patch! :)

Edited by kao
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