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Attack Investigation Engineer position at Symantec


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Do you want to reverse-engineer the next Stuxnet? We're looking for talented individuals to join in our mission to deliver intelligence on cyber attacks. Our team investigate attacks in-depth, producing research like Elderwood,Duqu & Flamer.

Our day-to-day job involves a mixture of (1) reverse engineering, (2) data analytics and (3) prototyping new services that enhance our ability to deliver high quality attack intelligence. We work mainly out of the lab, with occasional travel. The team is international, highly skilled, passionate about the job and generally its always an interesting place to work :) PM me if you're interested and/or want more more details

Must haves:

  • Computer-science related B.Sc or equivalent industry experience

  • Reverse-Engineering: x86/x64 disassembly, IDA, Ollydbg, HIEW etc

  • Knowlege of Operating Systems - Windows/Linux.

  • Dev expertise in Python, C/C++

  • Experience with SQL (PostgreSQL a bonus)


  • Experience in cyber-threat analysis

  • Knowledge of data analysis tools: (e.g. Maltego, Splunk)

  • Knowledge of forensics techniques/tools: e.g. Encase, FTK, Volatility)

Hiring Locations: * Dublin,Ireland * Los Angeles * Singapore *Tokyo

No security clearance necessary. 

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