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[KeyGenMe] Patience Is A Virtue by SK2K7

Go to solution Solved by PeterPunk,

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Here is a recent challenge by SK2K7 that was posted at a friendly forum, permission to post here was given by author since I happen to be the tester :type: , the good news is it's yet to be solved, the bad news is it has plenty of cryptos inside, hope you enjoy this one.


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A valid combo if you happen to be the richest man in the world!

Name : Some Name
Code : 9A447E62A9433AA7CD7E4CD265E30925

Hope this helps :peace:

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Is there anyway to even tell if the data entered is valid? The supplied name/key you gave does nothing.


Edit: Nvm there is, a label will popup saying Nice Job. But the supplied key above does not work.

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Some more info on the key you supplied above:


Expected memory compare: (Using Some Name)

00491FBC  80 26 17 20 9F 87 5A 47 40 4D 67 27 FB 9A 46 A2  €& Ÿ‡ZG@Mg'ûšF¢


Result from the key given:

00491FCC  DE 55 D6 69 E8 BD 15 8D E4 6C D4 5E 56 EE EA 01  ÞUÖiè½älÔ^Vîê


The memory compare fails entirely.

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On my computer:

00491FBC  51 D8 37 DE CB 2D 0E 2C 7D A2 91 7F 97 AA DC 1C  QØ7ÞË-,}¢‘—ªÜ
00491FCC  A8 9E AB EF 41 F1 70 52 F8 46 F6 07 D3 0C 36 F9  ¨ž«ïAñpRøFöÓ.6ù



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To all with problem (above), "If this combo does not work for you then you are not the richest man in the world![1]" :idea:. Dig deeper.

1. Hint was already given twice before.

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00491FBC  8F F0 77 19 0A 2C 4A D0 99 53 CA 38 30 37 BC 33  ðw.,JЙSÊ807¼3
00491FCC  8F F0 77 19 0A 2C 4A D0 99 53 CA 38 30 37 BC 33  ðw.,JЙSÊ807¼3


Well, the 2nd richest man in the world ;)

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..... is back on top of the world again. Or at least on top of the list of the world's richest people, where your net worth has to be well above $55 billion to be in the club.

May 17, 2013

Now that the combo is confirmed, roll up your sleeves, serious work is awaiting :banana:

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