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[CrackMe] Simple Crack Me v0.4


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Hey reversers, welcome to my fourth crack me!


Name: Simple Crack Me v0.4

Compiler: mingw

Protector: Basic custom job

Difficulty: Harder than some, easier than others

Rules: As always, anything goes!


Enjoy and thank you for reversing!




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Serials valid for my machine only. ;)

kao! - 362132CD0777
test - 362132CD0469

I'm too lazy to work on a keygen, especially since it will involve ripping lots of code from crackme..


First check (04102E5):



Second check (0410B45):

serial[0] = lcidhash[0]

serial[3] = lcidhash[1]

serial[5] = lcidhash[2]

Third check (0410F7C):

serial[1] = macaddress[3]

serial[6] = macaddress[7]

serial[7] = macaddress[9]

Fourth check: hidden check on serial length, must be 12. Nice one! ;)

Final check (04125E7):

serial[8] = usernamehash[1]

serial[9] = usernamehash[2]

serial[10] = usernamehash[4]

serial[11] = usernamehash[7]

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