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how can i detect if my program opened with a Debuger (in Delphi)


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hi all.


before reading Excuse me for my poor English.



i want to detect if my program opened with a Debuger in Delphi.


i found a few code in other website ,but thats not work true!


please help me.

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search for anti-debugging techniques in the forum, you will get your answer.

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thank you for help :sly:


I used the "IsDebuggerPresent" function in  my app  but this not work in OllyDbg!!!



my problem solved with this function

procedure AntiDebug;
  bISDebug: Boolean;
  bISDebug := True;
      INT 2Dh
    bISDebug := False;
  if  bISDebug then
    TerminateProcess(GetCurrentProcess, 0)

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This simple debugger detection can be killed with a simple one byte patch...

Its really easy to bypass this...

can you give me a better way ?

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Sam7sam7 you can convert this for c++?




bool Example()



      INT 2Dh





I wrote the following function in delphi but when i open my app in ollydbg can't detect it!!

{ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------  + Function : Int2D_DBG  + DateTime  : 2013.03.28  + Result    : Bool  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- }Function Int2D_DBG(): Bool;{ Exception Based Anti-Debugging }ASM  mov Result,$0 // Return False@@_TRY :  pushad  mov esi, offset @@_Handler  push esi  push    FS:[0]  mov     FS:[0], ESP  // ---------------------  int     2Dh  nop  // ---------------------@@_EXCEPT:  mov Result,$1  // Return True  jmp @@_NoException@@_Handler:  mov esp, [esp + 8]  pop dword ptr fs:[0]  add esp, 4  popad@@_TRY_END :  jmp @@_ExceptionHandled@@_NoException:  pop dword ptr fs:[0]  add esp, 32 + 4@@_ExceptionHandled:End;

example of use :

  if Int2D_DBG = True then    ShowMessage('IS DBG')  else    ShowMessage('Is not DBG');
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