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[KeyGenMe] KeyGenMe #6

Go to solution Solved by YuqseLx,

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String Encryption

Where?! Are you sure you're looking at the correct Keygenme?
private void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


if (Operators.CompareString(TextBox1.Text, "", false) == 0)


Interaction.MsgBox("Please enter any serial!", MsgBoxStyle.ApplicationModal, null);




if (Conversions.ToBoolean(Check()))

Interaction.MsgBox("You did it!", MsgBoxStyle.ApplicationModal, null);


Interaction.MsgBox("Bad serial sorry!", MsgBoxStyle.ApplicationModal, null);



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i have take a quick look in this keygen me, easy one but i dont have time for keygne here is the check routine


public object Check()
            object obj;            string s1 = TextBox1.Text.Substring(0, 5);
            string s2 = TextBox1.Text.Substring(5, 5);
            string s3 = TextBox1.Text.Substring(10, 5);
            bool flag = ((Conversions.ToDouble(s1) / 3.0) == Conversions.ToDouble(s2)) & ((Conversions.ToDouble(s3) / 5.0) == Conversions.ToDouble(s1));
            if (flag)
                obj = 1;
                obj = 0;
            return obj;

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Hmm my valid key = "000030000100015" :)

Algorithm =>

str1 / 3 = str2

str1 * 5 = str3

but str1 / 3 must be complete divison..

Sorry bad English  Best Regards :)

edit: best serial is : "000000000000000"  :prop:

Edited by YuqseLx
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