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[KeygenMe] JJKeygenme V0.1 ,0.2


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Hi Everyone :geek:

Language: C++

Packer: UPX(just for reduce file size)

Rule: just keygen (find algorithm)


Download v0.1



Download v0.2



Sorry fo Again update!

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Working serials:

Method 1

Name: atom0s

Serial: 720


Method 2

Name: atom0s

Serial: 9b11aa7a53703754d60c5725775c64ce


Keygen for Method 1:

#include <Windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int Method1_SerialGen( int nLength )
    if (nLength <= 1)
        return 1;
    return nLength * Method1_SerialGen( nLength - 1 );
int main()
    const char* pszName = "atom0s";
    int nSerial = Method1_SerialGen( strlen( pszName ) );
    printf( "Method 1 Serial: %d", nSerial );
    return 0;


Don't have the time to reverse the method2 atm but the above serial was fished easily.

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Thanks for method 1 source

can you tell me the name of first method algorithm?

Sorry that is My mistake! Keygenme updated :sweat: (Just Method 2 updated)

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Thanks hepL3r for keygen work fine.

now try v0.2 just method 2 updated.

(Just Two line added in keygenme) :nuke:

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