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[serialme] Crackme level 1


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Not entirely sure this is the correct method of solving this one but here's the answer I got:

Congradulations, the challenge serial is: eBVcM01u


My method of getting it:

 - Open in Olly and step through and see how the program reacts.

 - Notice there is a string compare but the compare is comparing what we entered to 00.

 - Trace the location that is being compared and we get the location of:

00401496   . C74424 04 0930>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+4],Software.00443009


This is overwriting the pointer to the string that is being checked to an array of 3 null bytes.


Either nop the mov, or rewrite it to move 00443000 instead, which points to:

00443000  65 69 61 31 32 61 6C 6B 00                       eia12alk.


Run with the patch and it should accept: eia12alk


Another thing you could do is just patch the check here:

00401686   . 74 2E          JE SHORT Software.004016B6
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