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aplib decompression

abhijit mohanta

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abhijit mohanta

Does anyone have a idea on how aplib algo works? This is a derivation of lz78 decompression.

I want to know the meanings of the routines like getbit getgamma and how it is used to read the dictionary.


Below is the code



    ; aP_depack_asm(const void *source, void *destination)    _ret$  equ 7*4
    _src$  equ 8*4 + 4
    _dst$  equ 8*4 + 8    pushad    mov    esi, [esp + _src$] ; C calling convention
    mov    edi, [esp + _dst$]    cld
    mov    dl, 80h
    xor    ebx,ebxliteral:
    mov    bl, 2
    call   getbit
    jnc    literal    xor    ecx, ecx
    call   getbit
    jnc    codepair
    xor    eax, eax
    call   getbit
    jnc    shortmatch
    mov    bl, 2
    inc    ecx
    mov    al, 10h
    call   getbit
    adc    al, al
    jnc    .getmorebits
    jnz    domatch
    jmp    nexttag
    call   getgamma_no_ecx
    sub    ecx, ebx
    jnz    normalcodepair
    call   getgamma
    jmp    domatch_lastpos
    shr    eax, 1
    jz     donedepacking
    adc    ecx, ecx
    jmp    domatch_with_2incnormalcodepair:
    xchg   eax, ecx
    dec    eax
    shl    eax, 8
    call   getgamma    cmp    eax, 32000
    jae    domatch_with_2inc
    cmp    ah, 5
    jae    domatch_with_inc
    cmp    eax, 7fh
    ja     domatch_new_lastposdomatch_with_2inc:
    inc    ecxdomatch_with_inc:
    inc    ecxdomatch_new_lastpos:
    xchg   eax, ebp
    mov    eax, ebp    mov    bl, 1domatch:
    push   esi
    mov    esi, edi
    sub    esi, eax
    rep    movsb
    pop    esi
    jmp    nexttaggetbit:
    add    dl, dl
    jnz    .stillbitsleft
    mov    dl, [esi]
    inc    esi
    adc    dl, dl
    xor    ecx, ecx
    inc    ecx
    call   getbit
    adc    ecx, ecx
    call   getbit
    jc     .getgammaloop
    sub    edi, [esp + _dst$]
    mov    [esp + _ret$], edi ; return unpacked length in eax    popad    ret

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abhijit mohanta

1) It's not a derivation of LZ78, but LZ77. ;)

2) Once you understand the theory behind data compression, meanings of getbit() and getgamma() will be obvious to you. Check some tutorials or read "The Data Compression Book" (http://forum.eviloctal.com/attachment.php?aid=322 ).

Hi Kao,

Can you give me some idea on this. I would help me learn a little faster. I went through lz77 and and some reading. Getbit seems to get a flag value from stream 0 or one according to which it is going to decide whether next bytes are literal or codeword(index,length) pair. What does the getgamma ,nexttag used for?

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