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[KeygenMe] KeygenMe #5

Go to solution Solved by atom0s,

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Here is my new keygen me! Enjoy!

Language: .NET (Visual Basic)

Encryptions: Base64 + Custom

Level: Easy

Obfuscator: Nothing. I prefer to obfuscate by myself :).

Rules: Keygen or serial accepted. No patching or cracking.

Level: I think it's easy. But it confuse so level of 2 or 3. Anyway you decide.


LordCoder KgMe 5.rar

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Don't really think this keygen can work properly cause of how it uses XML.


49827294371 and 00482847234 are both invalid key names, so you can't start a node with them. 

This means that any 'valid' license for this wil always fail when it tries to read it because it will throw an exception:

System.Xml.XmlException: Name cannot begin with the '0' character, hexadecimal value 0x30.


The way you have the form setup is a bit broken too since it expects the serial in the username field.


Here is how the serial should look though:

    <49827294371>See Below</49827294371>


The first entry is the base64 string of the XML file being read.

The second entry is your systems machine name.

The third entry is your current user name.

The last is just the number -2.0 converted to a double.


The entire file should be base64 encoded and pasted into the Username box to compare against.


But the program always throws an exception trying to read the XML.

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  • Solution

Sorry atom0s! There was a problem with the KeyGenMe. Here is the new:

And you were correct :). Can you make a keygen with the new one?


There is still an issue with this version too due to how the serial is read.


The first check in the XML is for 'serial', this wants to have the same value as what you enter for the actual serial to match whats in the file. Meaning the base64 of the actual entire thing has to match whats in that key. This can't really be done because anything you enter the generated base64 checksum into the file then checksum it again, it'll be different.


For example I have:









The base64 string of this would be:



Which would also need to be in serial's value but it can't since if you base64 it with that value it will change the overall base64.

Edited by atom0s
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