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[KeygenMe] KeygenMe v1.7


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Hi... All !!! ... 

Try my regular KeygenMe!!!


Rules: Only Keygen + (If possible, write a tutorial...) 

Level - ? (Tell me if you know...)






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My try :)Lovemagic:5044386F78623330485A553DDon't know how to code my keygen yet :D Can anyone help me with Delphi :D Result is not what i want :( 

Key : array[0..3] of Dword = ($3DC309E4, $AA8907E4, $20EFDE03, $B4C306E8);
InData[0] := strtoint('$' + Copy(N,1,8)); //N is last 16 chars of sha1
  InData[1] := strtoint('$' + Copy(N,9,8));
  Cipher:= TDCP_tea.Create(nil);
  for i:=0 to 1 do
    S := S + Format('%x',[OutData]); //S is my result
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@ kakamail : This cipher is so easy to code, you don't even need DCPtea.

@ Greedy_Fly : Could you please make your challenges harder, maybe you should just skip to v9.0 :1:

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